Version 4.0.9

Removed Upcoming Episodes as they were mostly leaks and barely worked or the video quality wasn’t good Recently downloaded subtitles are first in the list for better UX UI improvements here and there

Version 4.0.8

Added IMDB button when previewing a TV Show Fixed crash on Android TV when TV poster is missing Android TV downloads UI improvements

Version 4.0.7

Performance optimizations Better charset detector for subtitles

Version 4.0.6

Fix weird crash on FireTV sticks Fix weird crash on XiaomiTV sticks

Version 4.0.5

Fix crash when playing some movies on Android TV Fix crash when opening Downloads

Version 4.0.4

Improve performance on Android TV Fix crash when opening an image Introduced recently added movies widget

Version 4.0.3

Fix crash on FireTV sticks and Xiaomi TV sticks, minimum supported Android Version is now 9

Version 4.0.2

Fix database issues occuring only on some certain devices, disable Google Cast completely on devices that have troubled Google Play Services or no Play Services at all.

Version 4.0.1

Fix crashes on Android for some devices that have not Google Cast SDK available or when querying it, it returns gibberish result.

Version 4.0.0

Re-wrote the application from scratch, it has more beautiful UI on Android (Tablet, Phone, Support). This is an initial release of this version.